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The public in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland should be aware by now that our babies and children are being legally kidnapped by local authorities and local authorities are not part of the Government U.K they are in fact a private for profit corporation. This is theft of our flesh and blood property which the police have a duty to protect but don't. 
Children are being trafficked behind the guise of "Social Services" "Safe Guarding" without any hard evidence or first hand knowledge of loss, harm or injury caused to that child. 
If one is accused of a crime, you have the right for this crime to be fully investigated by police and should you be charged on evidence you have a right to a trial by a jury of your peers, in a court of record and due process of the law, anything less is not lawful, it's a miscarriage of justice. 
Legal when imposed on a human being is fraud and an act of treason.

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