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Evidencing the sexual abuse parents deliberately enforce on their children

#FAOparents - pervert indoctrinating your children


when your children go missing;. You need to see this to understand what level of evil we are dealing with #PedoVore 

bailey paedophile.jpeg simon bailey ex chief constable freemason paedophile says don't jail all paedophiles but it has ordered the beating of whistleblowers!!??

parents paedos working together.jpg

parents, groomers and paedophiles working together to slab you.

#FAOparents Will You Ever Protect Your Children From paedophiles? - On September 26, 2017 at 35th Panorama of Brazilian Art in the São Paulo's Museum of Modern Art, artist Wagner Schwartz encouraged this 4-year-old girl to interact with his naked body. There were also children in attendance with adults/parents filming. 

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