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Your Voice Matters

Established 2022

following the success of my book titled

The Girl In The Pink Shoes

by Jessica Harrington

Your Voice Matters a charitable organisation, was formed with the soul aim to help children and young adults following the trauma of abuse. Our main objectives it to offer help and accommodation to vulnerable children / young adults, up to the age of eighteen, who have been removed from abusive and sexual abuse situations by social services.
We aim to open several safe place centres across the UK, that will become a first point of contact with the added benefit of our onsite qualified, experienced therapist and counsellors to assist with trauma and other mental illness or anxiety the child / young adult is likely to be experiencing following the traumas of a abusive situation.
Many children / young adults who have suffered abuse often suffer with PTSD, Stockholm syndrome, self-harm or suicidal tendencies or drug and alcohol dependency. 1 in 5 Females and 1 in 13 Males are now thought to be suffering abuse and a further 100 thousand children / young adults are expected to flood the social services within the next 24 months.
Currently in the UK there is a three-year waiting list with the NHS, for a child to have the opportunity to seek help from a therapist. Unfortunately, without the help so desperately needed, 1 in 3, will go on to become abusers themselves without any help or assistance given. 1.5 out of the 3 are estimated to end up homeless or suffering from drink and drug addiction and 2.8 out of 3 will be left suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues like PTSD.
By working with the child / young adults within one of Your Voice Matters safe place centres, we can help them adjust to a life away from abuse and give them the help and support so desperately needed. From a society point of view, there is a very good chance the centres, will help bring down future numbers of domestic and sexual attacks, depression and suicide rates, homeless figures and drug and alcohol dependency. 
Many foster carers are not equipped with the tools to provide the much-needed support to help those who are understandably distressed and need extra help to rebalance and understand a life away from an abusive situation. Due to this many foster carers will shy away from children that have been removed from abusive situations and this is where, Your Voice Matters aims to step in to offer much needed support.
Once a child has been placed within one of the safe place centres, they can benefit from many forms of therapy and counselling available at the centre, as we understand not everyone is the same and we aim to tailor a program that works based on the child / young adults’ interests.
Your Voice Matters will accommodate various activities for the children / young adults to participate in, while working alongside one of our experienced qualified therapists or counsellors. 
Each site aims to offer a small farming and equine facilities, as studies show animals and plants can be very calming and encourage people to talk and heal from a situation they have suffered. Woodwork, arts and crafts, gymnasium, music rooms, even tutoring facilities to help children / young adults catch up on missed education aim to be offered at the Safe Place Centres.

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