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silence of freemason paedophiles

actor olivia colman's freemason paedophile family 

This is this reason DWP Victory Homes, Katie Gee and others want me silenced - I'm calling out paedophiles;
Did you know actress Olivia Colman's family (freemasons) destroyed a children's home in norfolk where children were abused. They pronounced it happened because of a 'mysterious' fire. Ed Colman got angry when confronted with child abuse he was involved in. Timothy Colman was married to the paedophile royal family. Olivia Colman's family are involved with children's homes through Norfolk County Council. Richard Bacon mp (freemason paedophile) is closely associated with Olivia Colman's freemason family activities. Ex chief constable Simon Bailey (freemason paedophile) a friend of Olivia Colman's paedophile family, was ordered by parliament to permanently silence abuse victim.
Additionally, Colman's of Norwich (mustard producers) manufacture grain products contaminated with vermin. HSE agreed it was ok to do so. Unilever funded Colman's of Norwich and went on to sell their contaminated products. Newsquest show a financial interest in the Norfolk paedophile family. 

see testimonials - norfolk county council

1950's - silence



1960's - silence



1970's - silence




1980's - silence




1990's - silence




2000's - beaten and imprisoned for exposing paedophiles




2010's - silence




2020's - parliament orders ex cc simon bailey (paedophile/freemason) and NHS to permanently silence abuse survivor. confirmed by nhs.




2022 - conspiracy by those named above to silence abuse victims. November 4th; waiting for filth to force entry












































































upon my death a legacy is bestowed upon you. 
a child never forgets being abused and invests in each of you the INABILITY to rape and torture innocent children.
time will find you.

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