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The truth about CHILD ABUSE has reached you, What are you going to do about it?

Get your head around this video reality and DO something to protect children.

The name implies fighting in every way to protect children from harm. There are many ways a child is harmed from the day they are born and those that harm children reside in your society from royalty right down to the street paedophile. If you're not prepared to sacrifice everything to protect a child from harm, you've no need to read any more of this. Remember - ' Saving the life of just one child is worth every minute of our own lives'. (rw)
The most abundant source of harm to a child is paedophilia and it shows itself in families, online grooming, SRA, child trafficking and institutional abuse. Sadly, the general public accept this behaviour and the government, having recognised this, manipulate the laws in order to 'normalise' adults participating in sexual activity with children.  
Ending paedophilia is a universal challenge that most people don't want to enter into but, the UK could set an example to the rest of the world but so far, we have failed to do so. At this time we’ve tried marching, protesting, writing to paedophile authorities and mp's to stop abuse and nothing has changed. What other options are there to ensure the safety of children? 
Give this a thought; British armed forces are always praised for their 'bravery' when going around the world killing people and colonising other counties. HOW BRAVE WOULD THEY BE PROTECTING OUR OWN CHILDREN FROM PAEDOPHILES?
Consider this; Civil action to oust parliament and install abuse survivors to run our country.
Remember this; paedophiles harm children and are therefore, psychopaths. They will by their own nature, try to harm you when you expose their evil.
The laws are made and manipulated by paedophiles in order to protect paedophiles. 

To summarise... 
We must understand that action taken so far against paedophilia has failed. With this in mind we should be encouraging more survivors to tell their stories of abuse stating names, places, LA's and whatever else is needed to expose the abusers. Victims have got to come forward with their stories.
Going down the 'legal' route fails in a lot of cases and other cases are deliberately spread over a longer time period for financial reasons you're well aware of. In addition to this, the excess time can be used to allow laws to be changed and thereby, nullify any ongoing court case. At this point it may be too late for some children.
A change of government and authority has got to take place to protect children from abuse... ... ...

Stinging street paedophiles is good but what would make a big difference to this country would be to STING MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT AND AUTHORITIES. Children would be so much safer.


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Your enemy's unpublished practiced rules...

Part 1. (UK) Proposed by Boris Johnson and associates and accepted by parliament 2021 in accordance with world legislation - update:05/09/2021.
UK legislation regarding children - states that a *person(s) can rape, mistreat and kill a child without fear of persecution and prosecution.
1a.*person(s) - limited to those in the employ of government and it's departments/organisations and including freemasons and dedicated satanic cult followers.
Note: It is proposed that this practice is accepted by the UK public.
Part 2. (UK) UK legislation regarding children - states that children in the UK are the *primary property of UK government, it's officials and those mentioned in 1a above.
2a.*birth parents have no jurisdiction, holding or charge over a child before or after the child is born.
Part 3. (UK) UK legislation regarding the sale/trade of children - states that children in the UK are the primary source of legitimate income in accordance with the following:
3a. the mission of gathering suitable children for UK trading purposes is outsourced to the department of social services.
3b. the department of social services is in complete control of a situation where a child is being obtained for
the purpose of UK government trading.
3c. the department of social services is fully supported in their actions by constabularies, military and other government departments.
3d. UK government will make it difficult, expensive and time consuming for birth parents to contest social services obtaining their children.
Part 4. (UK) UK legislation regarding children adjusting to Parts 1, 2 and 3 above -
4a. education authorities and their teachers are duty bound to teach primary school children how to manipulate and excite their sexual organs.
Part 5. (UK) UK legislation is being sought regarding references identifying adults taking part in sexual activity with children -
5a. UK government propose to make the following words illegal: paedophile, paedophilia, child molester and similar references.
Part 6. (UK) UK legislation regarding OPPOSITION to any or all of the above - penalties will be imposed on individuals, groups, societies, organisations who wilfully oppose the above. The penalty will be one or all of the following:
6a. communication and personal isolation.
6b. imprisonment for indeterminate period.
6c. incarceration in mental or other secure institution for indeterminate period.
6d. death by accident.
6e. suitable penalty imposed at time of opposition.
CONFIRMATION OF THE ABOVE can be given by the following advisory experts:
Your MP, Council, Freemason, Social Service/worker, Lawyer, solicitor, legal advisor, Doctor, Hospital, religious leader, Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Centre, News outlet (press and TV), Karen Fox family law, Lisa Mancini social worker, Olivia Colman (actor) Archant (media) Colman's of Norwich. Harriet Harman (promoting sex with children).

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