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Thank you for getting this far on our website. Should you want to go ahead with becoming a member please email here and let us know who you are, if you're part of a group protecting children and maybe you have a story to share that would help victims and survivors.

You can get in touch with us on our contact page.

Rachael - UK

Originating founder of Unite-protect Children, A survivor promoting leadership, encouraging each of us to support victims and survivors. 

David - UK

Co-founder and survivor.

Jane - UK

A true survivor supporting other victims and survivors, has researched lots of issues regarding children. 

Donna - UK

Networking and sharing information, founder of Community Heroes and supporting survivors of abuse.

Chris K - UK

Supporter as a parent, grandfather, citizen of earth! Committed to raising awareness and supporting a cause to protect the rights of children to live without being abused. Chris can also help us  with  networking, uniting groups and individuals and sharing information.

Emma M - UK

My name is Emma, a survivor of SRA and child trafficking. As part of my healing journey I extensively studied abuse and mind control as well as a range of healing modalities such as CBT, NLP etc. I now help other survivors to recover from abuse and live a trauma free life. I am also an activist and raise awareness of all child abuse, including institutional abuse. Looking forward to help in any way I can for such an important mission for both children and survivors recovery.

email: unite.protectchildren@gmail.com


Our Friendly Supporters

Will you be a friendly supporter of unite-protect children? What we do is difficult and sometimes emotional but knowing someone is showing support for what we do would help us feel so much better. See yourself in this friendly supporters page and show everyone you care about us protecting children.

Community Heroes

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