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About Us

Until we're older we don't realise how much our lives have been destroyed by the evil of abuse while we were children. As abused children we may or may not react to the pain and suffering but, as we get older we identify with a feeling that tells us our suffering was wrong, in fact, it was evil committed by fellow humans.

We will fight on to expose this evil and help support those who have been hurt meanwhile, we welcome you to join our family and share your pain and suffering with us.

With this in mind we want to sympathise with you and let you know we are fully aware of your suffering. 

Unite-protect children concept...
Rachael and David

In the beginning we were airing our grievances we'd accumulated during our lives. After lots of talking about life and the tragedies there-in we realised there's thousands of people just like us who are seeking answers and justice for the way we've been abusively treated in our lives. It isn't fair nor right that any of us should have to endure the evil of authoritative destructive controllers who go permanently silent when confronted with their wrong doing.

A social worker (Claire from Norfolk council) once called on me to say "you will never get answers and justice." In fact, that social worker did not realise what she had done because her statement to me was a gigantic positive move forward.

With this in mind and much more talking, we realised the only way at the moment to start finding peace in our souls is to gather evidence and present it for the world to see. With this evidence on display we hope other victims and survivors will have courage enough to tell us their stories. We know this is difficult because it's akin to living the suffering all over again. But, if we work together I'm sure you will feel a little better for helping protect a child from harm.

So, here we are with a web site for your stories, many opportunities to communicate with each other and we believe the only way to protect children of the future. Essentially, you know what harm has been done to you, your families and friends. You know and feel it's wrong. Write it all down and send it to one of our contacts who will make sure your story is sensitively edited and placed on our testimonials page. (We are going to set up audio/video meetings.)


This is a major issue when telling the truth about what has happened to you. It's instilled in you by those who've harmed you and want to pressure you into silence. Just walk through it. I did, I was once told by female PC "reporting sexual abuse is malicious". Even after many arrests and imprisonments I'm still here spouting the truth. Hey, I even banged on Norwich prison door and asked to be let in for telling the truth. They wouldn't let me in! And, the company owners that abused me and others got that story in their papers (Norwich based media company). Fear makes you stronger.

Our Mission

Everyone reading this was once a child and may relate to the notion of child abuse.

Most people are aware that abuse exists in every sphere of human existence, but the major question is, how many are aware of institutional abuse?

How many are aware of the countless testimonies of reported child abuse that never gets resolved?

How many are aware of the public services intended to protect children are in fact the biggest culprits of child abuse through forced adoptions?

Whatever abuse happens in any part of the world, it is perpetrated by an adult and the victim is a child!  Abuse knows no borders, culture or language, neither does psychological and physical trauma. Abuse induces fear, pain, anxiety, isolation, tyranny and despair to the African and the Chinese the same as to the British child. We're all flesh and blood, We all hurt the same and we're all lifted to the same heights with hope!

The world of children in abuse is the same world of hope through action to save them! How, Why do we need a global initiative?

Because the psychology of exposing corruption within each nation, is still towards adults and still about children. Nobody wants to believe that a system intended to protect them is complicit in facilitating evil towards vulnerable children.
Only mass numbers can stand against a globally corrupt system. As the 'system' is globally organised, so too must be the counter initiative to combat this corruption. How does a global initiative strengthen regional movements? By knowledge of human behaviour not unique to individual nations! Whilst culture influences public life, all cultures nevertheless unite under the principle of Love & Righteousness.

UPC is committed to the following philosophy...

- Exposing the abuse of children across the world.

- Collecting evidence to establish a database.

- Utilizing the database to share relevant information to support victims, survivors and supporters to build a global platform, strength in numbers of committed members.

- Network and unite all people affected by child abuse in any setting and create a family of one accord, one mind: to allow children to be children!

-Form, assist and network, all and any organised protests, rallies, demonstrations, seminars and public addresses relating to child abuse and exploitation.

- Realise the power of the human spirit and understand the potential to end all human suffering.
- Strive to perpetually monitor and nurture the development of the psychological and physical living conditions of all children of the world.

- Continually endeavour to recruit supporters and experts in relevant fields of knowledge that will feed the growth of UPC and all related supporters and members to the cause.


We came into this world with faith

Of systems made to heal.

Yet all I see is one of pain

And another that begs and steals!

When I was young they said to me

That all was fair and good.

But time would show another side

Of what could be and should!

I tried to see why these things are

So strange and so destructive.

Though any other way of 'life'
Would only be disruptive.

The ways of life were shaped this way

By those who plot to kill.

Not just to take the body away
But the soul is of the thrill!

Many would think of official state 
When seeing how we live.

There's individuals among us
That rather wouldn't give!

Let us not look so far or wide
To understand the meaning.

It's called not having empathy
A total lack of feeling.

Indifference is not good enough
For total love to thrive.

Neither does it encourage 
The mentality of the hive...

............Chris K............
15th December 2020

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