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Mansel Law Advice And Support

 Mckenzie Friend

This group is to provide legal support for those faced with social services cases and family law and child arrangement matters. I have a legal background, having studied law and criminology at degree level, I'm also a graduate legal executive/completed the LPC..I've actively been involved in the family law courts acting as a Mckenzie friend in the past for clients for child matters and divorce proceedings/financial arrangement orders..I'm not a solicitor but I've studied to this level and I'm now looking to further my legal background by completing further studies to assist me as a fee earner in the capacity as a 'Mckenzie friend'. The one thing that separates me from another legal professional is I have faced social services and cafcass as a victim of this poor legal system brought to the family courts and how they leave families distraught and feeling helpless. I don't want anyone to feel alone in this situation, which is why this group now exists. This is a haven not to be judged but to be listened to without being uncomfortably questioned. People who need this group and advice stemming from this will only be invited. No social workers or cafcass or anyone else who represents the social care system, will be formally rejected without question. I want people to trust this group.

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