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15/08/2022 Victory homes trust
Tom Moore House, Cromer Road, Norfolk, NR28 0NB.
... evicting a tenant because he is exposing local freemason paedophiles: Olivia Colman's family, Archant (media), Richard Bacon mp, ex chief constable Simon Bailey and others.

08/08/2022 important update - Request: Shellie Mote, please contact Norwich 'safeguarding'.

o7/08/2022 FAO: SRA survivors - CHASING SATAN pdf - if this pdf fails to open click or tap here or here

06/08/2022 Query: does anyone have information regarding helen janes? last known to be on facebook. ty.

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05/08/2022 The fear of exposing government paedophiles has taken hold of sexual abuse survivors.

Ritual Abuse Rape Crisis Centre - contact to find help near you.

Don't let 'shellie mote' and her foul language stop you fighting in unity for the safety of children.



On social media including facebook, bekka loo/dill doe aids and abets in the destruction of abuse survivors groups. Preying on sensitive emotional survivors, making threats about publishing information and favouring incestuous rapist abusers. BEWARE your group may be at risk. You can find further information here Coldcast



On facebook today a 'legal' company (Abuse And Neglect Claims England) popped up. They were asked that they seek justice and answers for abuse survivors free of charge. They responded by discrediting abuse survivors stories.

beware of these who think child abuse is funny. 

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29/06/2022 updates

EACH at Framingham Earl - are the children at risk of abuse?
Bramerton Lodge, a nearby childrens home where children were abused, was deliberately destroyed by fire on property owned by Colman's of Norwich (freemasons).
Those associated with the building of EACH at Framingham Earl are ex chief constable Simon Bailey (freemason), Colman's of Norwich family freemasons, Richard Bacon MP (freemason), freemasons at Archant (media) and others.
In 2018 Archant media started destroying evidence of child abuse in Bramerton Lodge, ex chief constable Simon Bailey (freemason) was aware of this and was ordered by parliament to permanently silence abuse survivors.

FAO: Melanie (now Ewer) and Jon Broad (Eatlunch)
FAO: Melanie Broad(now Ewer) and Jon Broad (Eatlunch)
Why did the male child purchased from Hertford social services Barbara Barrett, complain of sexual abuse? What happened to the female child you acquired? Also, Why did the male child find his biological mother, make violent threats and want to have a baby with her? Why did he distribute pictures of genitalia to his biological mother? call 07542 443039 with information.


June 10 2022 INCEST

In some countries having sex with your biological children is normal/legal.

In Scotland it's ok to sexually abuse your own child when bathing that child. Police Scotland and other UK constabularies dismiss full blown video evidence of a baby being penetrated.

May 9th 2022 unite-protectchildren in News and views on TikTok

May 7th 2022 STATEMENT
Nothing more can be shown or said to prove that humanity is controlled by evil. I reflect on what I have seen evil do to maintain control over your minds and feel pity for the children you produce who will be ravaged by the evil controlling you. Shame on you for being so weak that you are prepared to sacrifice children.

06/05/2022 ELECTION NEWS

SORRY CHILDREN but, they voted for those who refuse to end child abuse. 
The all party manifesto priority - 'normalise and sustain paedophilia' - continue voting at the next general election.


Regarding RSE relationship and sex education
You are complicit in the sexual abuse of your children by forcing/coercing them to attend school to be groomed by predators in the employ of government. 

17/04/22 g'day paedoland, hows ya freemasons?

paedophiles matter vote on the 5th May.





15/03/2022 HOW SCARED ARE YOU...


Do you think children are a source of income for the government?

Do you believe children are sold to people around the world?

has protest marching stopped child abuse?

Should paedophilia be 'normalised'?

Were you sexually abused as a child?

will a child deliberately go missing to be raped and abused?

Have you seen enough evidence exposing paedophiles?

Do you think paedphiles in government will make laws to stop child abuse?

Has contacting mp's stopped child abuse?

Do you allow your children to be taught about sex in school?

Should paedophilia be made illegal?

Is a child physically and mentally ready to have children?

Have you reported being abused as a child?

What have you done to stop child abuse?

Why do children go missing?

Have your children been taken by government services?

Have you done enough to stop child abuse?

Do you believe freemasons abuse children?

Is it right for an adult to marry a child?

Does child abuse happen?

Should child abuse be stopped?

How should child abuse be stopped?





I Declare the following to all those residing on my land:
l     I am the sole owner of this land, inhabitants and property therein.
ll    My land is the centre of the universe.
lll   I take it upon myself to name this land *'United Paedophilia' (UP).
lV  I, as owner of this land and the inhabitants, have chosen a government to enforce  my laws which are primarily centred on the children of the inhabitants. 
V   My government has published my laws.
Vl  You will obey my laws.


Wake Up UK have decided to block references to protecting children from paedophiles. In a previous conversation they mentioned losing their licence to broadcast!!?? This is a recent conversation:-

WUUK: "we adore free speech"

Me: "OK," "normalised paedophilia."

WUUK: "you're a nut job."

WUUK: ... and you can't use your paid for page.

Thank you Justin Ormerod. xx


Hi survivors and those dedicated to protect children from abuse.
We have another month to go before the 'official' period of making the public aware that children are abused. We as survivors are making everyone aware of child abuse every day and we ask everyone to unite in an effort to protect children from harm. If you have any ideas or plans with which we can carry out this campaign please contact myself Colman Archant at unite.protectchildren@gmail.com or anyone in associated groups protecting children. Please unite

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28/02/2022 news update - So, you think marching, protesting, doing it 'legal', writing and posting will put an end to paedophilia! - Yeah right!

World legislation states that anyone can rape a child without fear of persecution and prosecution.
World legislation states that selling children to any other nation is not illegal.
World legislation states that those children can be mistreated, raped and abused in any way the owner feels is appropriate.
UK legislation previously stated that it is immoral and illegal to mistreat, rape and abuse a child. In order to conform with and to World legislation the following laws have been passed through parliament and are enforcable.
1.  All children in the UK whether foreign or native to the UK are the sole property of the current government and any government thereafter.
2.  The children mentioned are subject to mistreatment, rape and abuse at the discretion of any and all government(s), their departments and representative associations.
3.  Subject to these laws no person is to refer to another as homosexual and or paedophile.
4.  Publication(s)- all references to children (formally known as paedophilia, rape, abuse and mistreatment) can legally be published freely and without restriction by any means, such as magazines, internet etc. Also, the use of the word 'pornography' or 'porn' is illegal.
5.  The UK government and worldwide governments will close down all publications that oppose these new laws. for example ; opposition in internet web sites, paper publications and all communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers etc.
6.  In addition to the above legislation you are hereby notified that Government had ordered the Department of Education to teach children how excite their sexual organs. 
6a. This part of the new curriculum is introduced in schools in Wales as a trial and will be implemented into all UK schools.
Addendum; It has come to our attention that SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) is 'public knowledge'. Thereby, You are notified of the following:
7.  Satanic ritual abuse is traditionally carried out without any binding law(s) but takes place within the bounds of secrecy. The activity of satanic ritual abuse will not become illegal. 
1.  appealing against the aforementioned laws will be treated as an illegal act.
2.  Any person who makes effort to appeal against these laws is liable to punishment by imprisonment, physical beating and in more persistant cases the person, group and or association will be euthanised and or permanently silenced. (current known matter - Melanie Shaw, Ellie Williams, Maddy McCann case)
3. Any person, group and association that has doubts about the new UK laws can obtain full and complete details from the following: Social Services Lisa Mancini (Norfolk and Suffolk), your local police establishment especially CC Simon Bailey (proven paedophile protector), doctor, lawyer, hospital, member of parliament.
4.  More comprehensive information can be obtained from Archant media companies formally Colman's of Norwich, and family mediation Karen Fox (FM family law) in Norwich Norfolk and the surrounding districts.
5. For your own personal safety you are advised to not disclose your knowledge of what was formally known as mistreatment, rape and abuse of children. Verified by Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary.
Sub: The legislation described above has been sought over the past 25 years and through the continuing influx of foreign and religious interference into UK parliament the laws were deemed to be changed to conform with personal needs of those in parliament.